Joe lives in Cambridge, UK. In the past, he has struggled to finish creative projects, so he started a blog on the off-chance that it might help him contribute something meaningful to the online world. You decide.

One topic, divergent views

Some days you get a helpful reminder that everything you read passes through a filter; the author is rarely coming from a neutral perspective. Today, within the space of a couple of hours, I ended up reading two articles that referenced the same topic: the intellectual dark web.

I had stumbled across these two articles independently, and I was quite amazed at how vastly they differed in their perspective.

The first was an opinion piece by Bari Weiss writing for the New York Times: Meet the Renegades of the Intellectual Dark Web.

The second was a Pass Note on the Guardian website: The ‘Intellectual Dark Web’ – the supposed thinking wing of the alt-right. (In case you were wondering, a Pass Note is 'A quick chat designed to tell you everything you need to know about a story you don't need to know about.'

My own opinion on the matter is of little consequence, although, if it helps, I felt Bari Weiss gave a fairer overview. As someone who has read and listened to many of the so-called 'intellectual dark web', I'm inclined to think that the main players are worth knowing about, and their opinions are worth considering.

There is always the temptation for me to feed on a steady diet of news, articles and blog posts that already reflect the convictions I hold. Today was a helpful reminder to keep going outside the comfort of my own opinions and to listen to a range of voices in order to better understand the people I share this planet with. 


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