Joe lives in Cambridge, UK. In the past, he has struggled to finish creative projects, so he started a blog on the off-chance that it might help him contribute something meaningful to the online world. You decide.

Just a half hour

When it comes to starting a creative project, the easiest thing is to put it off until the day I have 'a little more time'. After all, recording is a long process, the microphone(s) must be in the right place, I need to decide which software I want to use, I'm not even sure I have the right equipment...The list of objections I can make is endless. 

Unfortunately, even if I could have all my ducks in a row, the perfect time never arrives.

Bad traffic meant I was working from home today, and during my lunch break I was faced with a choice: watch the next episode of Into the Badlands on Amazon Prime or sit at my piano and record something.

I chose the latter.

Whatever I produced in that half hour, whether good, bad or ugly, I was going to upload it to this blog with the satisfaction that a piece of music that didn't exist, now exists for other people to hear. What matters to me is that I achieved something in a half an hour that could easily have been wasted. If you enjoy the ad hoc improvisation, thank you. If you don't, perhaps you can still appreciate the thought behind it. 

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