Joe lives in Cambridge, UK. In the past, he has struggled to finish creative projects, so he started a blog on the off-chance that it might help him contribute something meaningful to the online world. You decide.

On habits

My life is the culmination of my habits. Both success and failure, action and passivity are the result of unconscious decisions I make everyday. In the past, I have often asked myself: “Where did the past hour go?” Undoubtedly, it went exactly according to my habits. If I find myself aimlessly surfing the web after reaching for my phone the moment I feel a little bored, it might be worth taking a step back and reflecting: “Is this a habit I want to encourage or replace?”

In the past, I have often bemoaned the fact that I find it easy to come up with ideas, but find it more difficult to follow through on them. It’s been easy to write off my disorganisation or lack of concentration as simply the way I am wired.

This is actually a very disheartening perspective. It might feel like a good,  defensive justification at the time, but this outlook offers little hope for the future. But...if the way I work is a reflection of my habits and not simply my personality or innate wiring, then changing my habits has the power to change me. And that will change my life.


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