Joe lives in Cambridge, UK. In the past, he has struggled to finish creative projects, so he started a blog on the off-chance that it might help him contribute something meaningful to the online world. You decide.

What’s in your hand?

Technology is always advancing. You could always have a better camera. Or a more powerful computer. Or a clearer microphone. 


And are skills are always in need of improvement. My voice could do with some training. Most software has more buttons I don’t know how to use than buttons I do. I am a novice in many areas. There is always more to learn.  


So the temptation is to wait. Wait until you have the right equipment. Wait until you’re good enough. Wait until...when? 


Technology is always advancing. Your skills can always be improved. If we’re not careful, we spend all our time wishing and delaying, but never creating.

It’s often better to ask: “What’s in my hand? What can I make with what I’ve got? What can I do with the tools already available to me?”

A blog can always be better, more informative, more concise, less pretentious. Hit Publish anyway. *





 * This is obviously terrible advice if what you publish is untrue, full of lies, defamatory or deliberately offensive. Please consider asking whether you have something better to offer in your other hand.


One topic, divergent views