Joe Ogborn

This is a simple website. It's simply about the music that I'm making and the thoughts I'm writing. Think of it like a musical and lyrical notepad. Some ideas, some sketches, and some things that sound a bit more developed.


RSC interactives

Idea #1

16th February 2022

A simple electric piano improvisation with an echo effect applied.

So many words

18th August 2021

This was simply an idea that I wanted to play around with and develop in a new iOS app.

Tell me the old, old story

16th January 2021

This is a reworking of a hymn called 'Tell me the old, old story'.

Guitar driven

21st July 2020

Lord, teach me how to pray

6th July 2020

Sing Theology: Psalm 131

11th June 2020

Sometimes I feel

9th June 2020


4th June 2020

I don't really know how

1st June 2020

O Lord, there's trouble in my soul

31st May 2020

Sing Theology: Revelation 1:6

28th May 2020

Holy, holy, God almighty

26th May 2020

Take my life and let it be

25th May 2020